Pro tools 12 HD

Pro tool 10

Logic Pro X

Mac Pro (3Ghz, 8-core, 32GB ram)

Avid 16 I/O + Avid HDX Card

Universal Audio UAD-2 PCI-E Quad Core Accelerator



UAD Ultimate 7 Collection

Oeksound Soothe

Oeksound Spiff

Altiverb 7

Antares Harmony Engine

Antares Auto-Tune 8

Melodyne 4 Editor

Sonnox complete 'Oxford' collection

FabFilter- Micro







                  -Pro Q 2



                  -Timeless 2

                  -Twin 2

                  -Volcano 2

Valhalla- Freq Echo

                -Plate Reverb

                -Room Reverb


                -Space Modulator


                -Vintage Verb

Soundtoys v.5.2 - Little Devil-Loc

                                - Little AlterBoy

                                - FilterFreak

                                - Effects Rack 5

                                - EchoBoy

                                - Devil-Loc Deluxe

                                - Devil-Loc

                                - Decapitator

                                - Crystallizer

Waves - SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

              - SSL G-Equalizer

              - SSL E-Channel Strip

              - PuigChild 670 Compressor/Limiter

              - Abbey Road Reverb Plates

              - L2 Ultramaximizer

              - H-Delay Hybrid Delay

              - CLA-76 Blacky Compressor/Limiter

              - CLA-2A Compressor/Limiter

              - CLA Vocals

              - C6 MultiBand Compressor

              - API 2500 Stereo Compressor

              - Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

              - Waves Tune Vocal Pitch Correction

              - Waves X-Noise

              - Waves DeEsser

Softtube-Weiss DS-1 mkIII Compressor

                 -Weiss DEESS De-esser

                 -Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximiser

                 -Weiss Compressor Limiter

                 -Tube-Tech PE 1C

                 -Tube-Tech ME 1B

                 -Tube-Tech EQ mkII

                 -Tube-Tech Classic Channel mkII

                 -Tube-Tech CL1B mkII

                 -Tube-Tech CL 1B



1960's EMI Valve Pre-Amp x2

Heritage Audio/Neve 8173 x 2

API 3124

API 512c x 3

Heritage Audio/Neve '73 Jr x 4

Dizengoff D4 x 2

Shadow Hills Mono Gama x2



Distressors EL8-X (with Brit Mode) x 2

BAE 10DC x 2

Kush Audio Electra x 2

Serpent Audio SB4001 (SSL Bus Comp) Stereo

Shadow Hills Stereo Master Compressor

Universal Audio 1176 Compressor x2

equipment list



Istanbul Traditional Dark Ride 21"

Zildjian 'Custom A' Crash 16"

Istanbul 'Mel Lewis' Crash Ride 19"

Dark K Hi-Hats 14"

Zildjian 'Custom A' Hi-Hats 14"

Ludwig Supraphonic Snare 14"

Gretsch Chrome and Brass Snare 14x5"

1960's Ludwig Hollywood Kit (Inc. Kick, 16" Floor Tom, 14" Tom, 13" Tom)
























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Focal SM9's (Studio 1)

NS10-M's (Studio 1)

Pure Evoke DAB Radio (Studio 1)

ATC 25A's (Studio 2)

Avocet II Cranesong x 2

Hearback with 4 pods x 2

Beyer Dynamic DT770s x 8




Custom Built Mic & Mod U47

Neumann U87

Sony C-37A

Neumann KM184 x 2

JZ BH-1 Black Hole x 2

1970's AKG414 EB

ElectroVoice RE-20

Coles 4038 x 2

Audix D6

Audix D2 x2

Shure SM7B

Shure SM57 x 4

Shure SM58 x 2

Shure SM58 Beta

Audio Technica AT4080 x2



Fender Twin Reverb 1970's Silverface

1964 Vox AC-30

Fender Deluxe

Laney StudioLive Bass Head

Laney 1x15 Bass Cab

Laney 4x10 Bass Cab

Fender Blues Jr

Fender Pro Jr III




Bill Nash Sunburst Fender Stratocaster

1962 Harmony H-75 Hollowbody

American Standard Stratocaster

Gretch Electromatic G5150

Ibanez Artcore Semi-Hollowbody

Yamaha Black Bass

Fender Squier Precision Bass

Admira Solista Classical

Taylor Acoustic 714ce



1890's John Spencer Upright Piano

1975 Mk.1 Fender Rhodes Stage Piano

Moog SUB37

1979 Roland Juno-60

Nord Stage 2 EX 88 key

Dave Smith Prophet 08 Synthesizer

Mini Nova Synthesizer

M-Audio Keystation Mini












Solid State Logic AWS-948 Console