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            - [email protected]

            - [email protected]


            - Miloco: 020 7232 000

            - Sholto Ratcliffe: 0797 070 9255




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Contact Us:


Dock Street Studio

15 Dock Street



E1 8JN

Parking & Loading:

If you want to drop any equipment off before your session, outside the studio front door. There is a ramp on the curb where a vehicle can pull up and unload for up to 20mins

There are a few options available for nearby parking:


- 24hr SECUREPARK: Thomas Moore Sqaure. (3min walk)

This is a multi storey carpark.

Advance Booking Rates: 4hrs: £8.50

                                                 4-24hrs: £13.50

Website: Book here



- Ensign Street Parking: Ensign Street (1min walk)

Parking on the street neigbouring Dock Street.

- Restrictions apply Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm

- £4.60 per hour

-Call 020 7005 0055 to pay by phone.

Website: Book here



- 24hr City Quay Carpark: Thomas Moore Square (3min walk)

This is a multi storey carpark

Booking Rates: 4hrs: £5.00

                              11hrs: £20.00

                              24hrs: £25.00

Parkopedia: Book here

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